Thursday, April 29, 2010

Essentials for GMAT data sufficiency.. Must read

What is Data Sufficiency?

Data sufficiency is designed to measure your ability to

1. Analyse a quantitative problem
2. Recognize which information is relevant
3. Synthesize data
4. Determine at which point there is sufficient information to solve a problem.

Data sufficiency questions contains a question statement, followed by two sub statements labeled (1) and (2). Do not waste valuable time solving a problem. Only determine the statements sufficient to solve a problem.

Follow the flow chart presented below.
 The order of preference while answering a question is
  • D
  • A/B
  • C
  • E
There are 5 possible scenario's while answering questions. They are:

Scenario 1:
Check question statement and statement (1) first. If you get an answer, wait
Check question statement and statement (2)alone. If you get an answer now mark D

Scenario 2:
Check question statement and statement (1) first. If you get an answer, wait
Check question statement and statement (2)alone. If you do not get an answer now mark A

Scenario 3:
Check question statement and statement (1) first. If you do not get an answer
Check question statement and statement (2)alone. If you do get an answer now mark B

Scenario 4:
Combine question statement ,statement (1) and statement (2).
If you get an answer now mark C

Scenario 5:
Combine question statement ,statement (1) and statement (2).
If you do not get an answer now mark E

I hope you get your DS sums right now. Mail me at for your GMAT doubts...:-)

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Wow strategies for GMAT critical reasoning

Now some critical thoughts

Most people find the weaken/strengthen critical reasoning questions tough to crack.
Here’s good news!

If the question is weaken/ strengthen the logic is inductive. i.e. a conclusion is drawn
•from examples,
•from analogies(comparing two things)
•from cause effect relationship(causal logic)
•or from statistics( numbers, ratio, percentages)

To weaken argument from examples – choose counter example from options
To weaken analogy – choose the option that shows non- comparability
To weaken causal –choose alternative causes from option
To weaken statistics- choose option that shows unrepresentativeness

Reverse these m you are ready for strengthen.
How write strategy like the above for each logic type for strengthen question
Now work on 10 weaken/10 strengthen questions from OG. Voila! You’ve bloomed to be a logician (does that exist??)

Let me know if it works.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

GMAT Critical reasoning and AWA tips

hey guys, if you have been seriously preparing for GMAT, you would have noticed a lot of overlaps in critical reasoning and argument task of the writing section.

The logic as well as the way to analyse these is almost the same. So generously draw from your CR learning to analyse and compose response to your argument essay.(assuming that you did good preparation for CR). The argument topic presents a short passage(just as in CR) that presents an argument and specific instructions on how to respond to that passage.

The instruction is common across argument topics -to assess the logical soundness of the given argument.

keep in mind that the instruction for the issue topic varies from topic to topic).

The essays test you on critical thinking and analytical writing. Know that you are NOT being asked to present your own views on the subject.( that is in the issue topic). Here you have to analyse somebody else’s claim( easier right? To find fault with some one else! I find argument essay easier).

Make sure that you support your analysis with relevant reasons and/or counter examples( yes, if eg is used in issue, you use counter eg in arg; don’t forget we are finding fault with the speaker of the arg.) you can give hypothetical eg – drawn , personal, observed, read about..just ensure that your example is intelligible to a stranger…eg can be news items, research findings, general beliefs and so on. Ensure that they are relevant and positioned at the right place.

If the claim in the argument, for instance, is that Atkins diet is found to bring down blood glucose levels. So those who are diabetic should shift to Atkins diet. You may counter it by referring to a hypothetical report on the importance of physical activity in the lowering of blood sugar levels and that diet alone is no solution…etc etc.

Argument essay integrates critical thinking and writing skills. So don’t ignore language.

On that and snippets on issue task, iam saving for the nxt time…happy prep

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Exciting times for students planning to go to Australia?

Exciting time, they are at( India and Australia), so they claim. while signing a new agreement in Melbourne. People to people contact is at the heart of the bilateral relationship.(provided the eyes and the hearts are spared!!!), sorry Sibalji

Experts from both sides comprise the India – Australia education council and the Australian govt’s earlier advise to Indian students ‘ don’t flash your expensive possessions! Blueberries, I pads....’,part of the new deal?)

Kapil Sibal and Gillard( Oz deputy PM) are meeting after six months( obviously waiting for the heat and dust to settle). What about the 40% drop in students going to Oz for studies? Sure they will be working out a mechanism—relaxation of visa rule, scholarships, longer work permit.. the add more to it

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Know your critical reasoning concept for GMAT – 1

There are two types of arguments commonly asked in the GMAT CR. Lets discuss them
  • What is an inductive argument?
  • What is a deductive argument?
An inductive argument is an argument where the conclusion is derived from the given premises only. The GMAT CR arguments are mostly of this type. This argument is weak because when the argument is critically analyzed it can be concluded that the conclusion cannot be derived from only the given premises.
Few examples of inductive arguments are given below.

Example 1:
Recently Algie Corporation has recruited a clever CEO to manage its operations and found its operational costs reduce by 30 percent ever since. A similar decision helped Beta Ltd to cut down operational costs by 33 percent. This shows that corporations can reduce operational costs considerably by recruiting astute CEOs.

The argument is weak because it cannot be concluded that the reduction of ops cost cannot be attributed to CEO only, it could be because of some other external factors.

Example 2
A few students of Joe School joined Luke College for liberal arts course. Mary is a student of Joe School. Therefore, Mary is most likely to join Luke College for liberal arts course.

The argument is weak because it cannot be concluded that Mary belonged to that group of students that joined Joe School

A deductive argument is an argument where the conclusion is claimed to follow necessarily from the given premises. Specific conclusions can be derived from universal premises. This argument is strong.
Few example of deductive arguments are as follows

Example 1:
All plants are green
Rose is a plant
Rose is green.

Example 2
All chemical factories in North America have effluent treatment plants within the factory premises. Fertilizer Max is a chemical factory in North America. Hence, it must have an effluent treatment plant in its premises.

Now why don’t you submit three inductive and deductive arguments . Let me check them.
You can also email your comments to

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