Saturday, September 5, 2009

Language competence and GMAT

Are you looking for more on GMAT? Intimidated by the verbal section?
The verbal section of the GMAT tests higher order language skills and reasoning in a verbal context.
A. sophisticated grammar and idioms
B. complex and abstract passages
C. cryptic logic and arguments
The reading passages are sourced from varied subjects such as science, history, philosophy, economics, business, literature and from an assortment of issues of global relevance.
Habitual interests and reading in these domains through books, media and web sources will make you feel very comfortable with these areas of testing. Then the preparation requires streamlined references to well-designed GMAT-specific learning modules.
As a preliminary skill building you must read
1. reviews and essays on all subjects listed above
2. refer to advanced college level grammar books
3. study books on reasoning

There are some GMAT online resources that can provide you with all these solutions in a ready-to- use, convenient packages.
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