Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Latest GMAT verbal tip 18-9-2013

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Instruction comprehension: A closer look at the directions for SC questions.
You  see these directions with every sentence correction test that you take.  But have you taken a closer look at these?
Each of the sentence correction questions presents a sentence, part or all of which is underlined. Beneath each sentence you will find five ways of phrasing the underlined part. The first of these repeats the original; the other four are different. Follow the requirements of standard written English to choose your answer, paying attention to grammar, word choice and sentence construction. Select the answer that produces the most effective sentence; your answer should make the sentence clear, exact, and free of grammatical error. It should also minimize awkwardness, ambiguity, and redundancy.
Things to comprehend.
1.  There may /may not be error(s) in the given sentence. That is, the original sentence can be correct.
2.  it tests more than merely grammar – word use, arrangement of words equally important.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Latest math tip

To solve a sum dealing with number of men and number of days taken to complete a work use the logic:  1 person takes 1 day to complete 1 unit of work.
If 20 men take 20 days to complete a work, How many days it will take 40 men take?
Assume 1 person takes 1 day to complete 1 unit of work. 20 men complete 20 units in 1 day. So in 20 days, 400 units is completed.
Hence 40 men will complete 40 units in 1 day and 40 men will complete 400 units in 10 days.
Answer is 10 days.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

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