Friday, August 23, 2013

Statement of purpose ( SOP ) - Template

More  on  sops
A  proposed structure  of presentation

Para 1- achievements summary
Sub heading 1. Academic
Sub-heading 2. Co-curricular
Sub-heading 3- social/community work
Sub-heading 4- career achievements of the last 2-3 yrs – specific details of contribution- eg. Cost management, productivity improvement

Para 2- challenges  and dimensions of work
Challenging tasks assigned /volunteered at school or college level
Challenges in execution
At job - Geographical reach, size  of wares/service managed  and customer base served

Para 3 - initiatives
School/ college level –to solve an existing problem or to improve upon an existing practice
What work was voluntarily sought and successfully carried out in your job

Para 4 – the value placed on you
By your employer, for your consistency
Any rapid rise in your career, extra rewards earned...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Integrated reasoning score - What to make of it

While going through GMAC's archives. I hit upon this analysis.
These numbers would have changed as of now.

The mean score was 4.0.
Prepare well for the IR section. This score might be the key when you use your GMAT score to apply to colleges in 2014 or 2015...

Friday, August 2, 2013

How to prepare for GMAT math

Mostly everyone while preparing for the GMAT math, studies official guide and few other books like Manhattan, Kaplan...

Although for some, studying these few GMAT books is enough to crack 99 percentile in the math, others are not able to crack the 600 barrier itself. What might be the reason?

Well, I feel that students who excel in math since school stand a better chance of cracking GMAT math with a minimal preparation.

For the others, who are just starting their math journey, not only they have to read the GMAT OG,they have to read basic math concept books, problem solving books, etc...GMAT OG and other GMAT books, just scratch the surface while preparing for math. First it is required to tune your brain to work with numbers and then numbers and words. The GMAT math books does not cover the entire skills which is required to reach 51 raw score in the GMAT math..

Watch this video. Some of the books mentioned will cover the additional sources which you need to refer to develop
1. math concepts
2. math reasoning
3 GMAT math.