Monday, November 19, 2012

The big 50 point jump in the GMAT

Are you aspiring for a 700 in the GMAT and trying to figure out why your score is stuck at 650 and not hitting the 700 mark?

Here are potential reasons.

Firstly, are you ready for higher order reasoning and problem solving?  Find out, how consistently you have performed in data sufficiency questions, inference questions in reading comprehension and weaken/strengthen questions in critical reasoning( assuming  you worked out Official guide questions)

Secondly, while taking the computer based tests, did you fall short of time and guessed more than 5 question in either/both QA and VA section. If so penalty and poor pacing and time management is the issue.

Thirdly, your concentration wears of while you are working on the last part of the Verbal Ability section. Build stamina, slowly and steadily by taking many 4hrs tests.

To raise your score from 650 to 700, let’s say a re-taker do spend 30 days reworking on concepts, practicing with hundreds of tougher questions and analyse these questions to improve your performance.


  1. Which business schools consider 650 score in GMAT?

    I have scored 650 in GMAT, result of essay's are awaited. Kindly suggest, from which business schools consider this score. I am a B.Sc with 4 year of experience in ceramic industries, currently working as a Assistant Quality Manager. How much score is required in TOEFL for the good colleges.

    1. Hello!
      Warm regards from EGE,
      Are you interested in B-Schools in the US? If so, the top schools will consider students with a 650 score, but would consider it lower than average near the 25th percentile.

      That gives you a few choices. You could either take a GMAT prep test in the hopes of improving to something closer to 700, you could hope that your other qualities bring you up, or you could apply to schools that are ranked lower. You can find either the average GMAT score or the middle 50% GMAT score range for most schools at Princeton Review.
      Each school has its own TOEFL cutoff, so informing you about the minimum requirement for TOEFL will not be possible. However, if you have a look at the website of the universities that you are interested in, you will find the information about the TOEFL scores there.
      In order to fulfill your dream of studying abroad along with this information you will also need expert guidance. We invite you for a free counseling session at EGE with one of our experts. To book an appointment you can contact us on 1800 1035 900 or visit

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