Friday, August 3, 2012

How many hrs should I prepare for GMAT

Based on observation If you haven't spent atleast 150hrs on GMAT preparation then the probability of you scoring 700+ is slim.


  1. it is need to improve GMAT Essay writing skills for GMAT Exam

  2. I want to do an Maters in management abroad preferably in Europe! How do I go about it?

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    1. Hello!
      For you to get an admission abroad for a Masters In Management Degree you need a minimum score of 650 in your GMAT examination. Although we must add that students face a lot of VISA problems when it comes to admissions in European Universities.You will need expert guidance and counselling in order to fufill your dream of studying abroad. We at EGE Global Education have a vast domain expert counsellors. We provide free counselling and help students get admission to top colleges abroad. Call us @ 1800 1035 900​ or visit