Thursday, December 17, 2009

Check your GMAT skills

Your GMAT prep – how should it be? What skills should you build

Conceptual clarity

Basic mathematics- strong fundamentals in algebra, arithmetic, geometry- theorems, rules, equations, formula, counting methods, speed of calculation.

Basic skills: verbal – reading skills- familiarity with a wide range of topics- science, history, philosophy, economics- literature. Ability to read varied texts with speed. Ability to speak and write correct English, a good vocabulary- ability to glean the meaning of words in context.
Basic skill – writing- ability to organize ideas in a logical order. Ability to write grammatically correct sentences. Ability to use forceful words to express ideas. General knowledge- awareness of varied current issues and topics of interest.

Analytical skills
Ability to analyse quantitative problems , arguments- identify logic underlying arguments, flaws in reasoning- ability to analyse abstract passages, complex sentences for errors.
Ability to analyse question requirement – critical reasoning, reading comprehension and certain quantitative questions accompanying problems. Ability to analyse purpose of arguments, passages.

Strategy application skills:
Ability to transfer learning to similar problem contexts, ability to identify commonness of problems and questions. Ability to improvise a solution plan. To evaluate arguments and assertions. To gauge the subtle differences between options.

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