Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New year

Lets GMAT all its followers a very very happy new year. May all of you get 750+ in the GMAT:-)

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Check your GMAT skills

Your GMAT prep – how should it be? What skills should you build

Conceptual clarity

Basic mathematics- strong fundamentals in algebra, arithmetic, geometry- theorems, rules, equations, formula, counting methods, speed of calculation.

Basic skills: verbal – reading skills- familiarity with a wide range of topics- science, history, philosophy, economics- literature. Ability to read varied texts with speed. Ability to speak and write correct English, a good vocabulary- ability to glean the meaning of words in context.
Basic skill – writing- ability to organize ideas in a logical order. Ability to write grammatically correct sentences. Ability to use forceful words to express ideas. General knowledge- awareness of varied current issues and topics of interest.

Analytical skills
Ability to analyse quantitative problems , arguments- identify logic underlying arguments, flaws in reasoning- ability to analyse abstract passages, complex sentences for errors.
Ability to analyse question requirement – critical reasoning, reading comprehension and certain quantitative questions accompanying problems. Ability to analyse purpose of arguments, passages.

Strategy application skills:
Ability to transfer learning to similar problem contexts, ability to identify commonness of problems and questions. Ability to improvise a solution plan. To evaluate arguments and assertions. To gauge the subtle differences between options.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Management options for students with 0 years work experience

If you have just finished college and you want to opt for a management program, chances are that the top Business schools in the world will not admit you to their MBA programs. Instead you can opt for the masters program in management from the same colleges..
These programs require 0 years work experience and the universities offer 100% scholarship for their programs. Student with 15 years of education can apply to these programs. Here are some of the universities.
Masters Program
Admission criteria
Work experience
London School of Economics
GMAT (Average  score 700)
SDA Bocconi Italy
International management,
Marketing management,
Economics and Social science,
Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology
GMAT (Average  score 650)
HEC France
financial economics,
Sustainable development,
International Business
GMAT(Average  score 620)
HSG( St gallen Switzerland)
Information, media and technology management,
Accounting and Finance,
GMAT(Average  score 650)
Nanyang university Singapore
GMAT (Average  650)
Esade Spain
GMAT (Average  680)
Rotterdam School of management, Netherlands
Human resource management,
Organizational change,
GMAT(Average  score 650)
International Business
GMAT (Average  score 600)

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Friday, December 4, 2009

What to write for your MBA essays

Is cooking up info in your essays good?

How do you project your uniqueness?

What is your long term goal? Entrepreneurship?

Many of you often ask me: what should I write for MBA essays.

Lets read what the ISB’s admissions director had to say about this.

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a new course from ISB for senior executives

Here is a program tailor made for Executives in the fourties.
If life begins at 40, a new career horizon can also begin at 40.Atleast that is what ISB hyderabad believes with the introduction of the 15 month part time PGPMAX.

Who doesn't want to go back to the classroom. Those who have not yet conquered the highest levels of the leadership pipeline(let us says levels: functional management, group management & enterprise management),this could well be the passport to those positions.

The program involves overseas trip, classes at Wharton,and meeting head honchos of the industry. Program will commence from June 2010.

Visit for more details

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