Saturday, November 28, 2009

MBA aspirants preferring Indian Bschools over foreign Bschools

As per figures available with GMAC, 42% of the full time MBA programs in the US reported a decline in the number of foreign applicants, of these as many as 70% reported the largest decrease in number of applications from India, says a recent report.
Many MBA graduates claim that a one-year program from an Indian Bschool will get a better job profile in India (if he wants to settle and work in India) than a foreign MBA. Cost is also another major factor which makes MBA aspirants apply to Indian Bschools (which use GMAT scores for admission). MBA aspirants perceive that Indian schools offer quality education at a comparatively lower cost.
There are 24 Indian bschools (including select programs from the IIM’s) which accept GMAT scores.
A partial list:
ISB Hyderabad, GLIM Chennai, NMIMS Mumbai, IIMA PGPX, MDI PGPX, Exec MBA programs from top B-schools…..

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