Saturday, August 29, 2009

India Budget 09 favors overseas education aspirants

If the new budget is any indication, aspiring students of a wide range of higher education programs overseas can avail loans from Indian banks and earn tax benefits too. This is all the more good news for MBA aspirants, since the fee for management courses abroad is very high. Taking loans for public sector banks makes sense especially for those who intend to return after completion of the course to work in the Indian subcontinent.
Criteria for loan disbursal.

Banks take into account some crucial factors in sanctioning loans
1. Whether you received confirmed admission.
2. Whether your admission is merit based.
3. Your previous qualification
4. Whether the college is ranked high
5. Future job prospects and likely income
6. Repayment capacity of the co-applicant
7. Placement record of the university

The repayment begins usually one year after the course is over. The standard repayment period is 5-7 yrs. Banks have put an upper limit on loan disbursal at 20 lac.
Let funding issues not come in the way of your career aspirations.

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