Tuesday, May 14, 2013

GMAT math tip #5

Friday, May 10, 2013

GMAT sentence correction Tip of the day

Sentence correction tip  – 10 ‘not-so-obvious’ usages
1. use a verb, not its noun form
An action expressed in the verb form is more effective than the noun form; a noun form creates wordy prepositional phrases.
Action verb- decide
Noun form of the verb - decision 
Example 1
Ineffective: Her decision was to invite her colleagues to the dinner that is being hosted by her.
Effective: She decided to invite her colleagues to the dinner party she  is hosting. 

Here, decided, a ‘working/action verb’ is more effective than the noun form, ‘decision’

Example 2
Ineffective:  In the current fiscal year, both target of its production was reached by the factory and the amount of effluents was reduced. 

Effective: In the current fiscal year, the factory both reached production target and reduced the amount of effluents.

Example 3
Ineffective: The Indian government demanded the withdrawal of security forces by China from the border and that the bunkers put up within Indian territory be removed.  

Effective: The Indian government demanded that China withdraw its forces from the border and remove the bunkers put up within the Indian territory.

Example 4
Ineffective: The dissidents’ objection was against the delaying of election of party functionaries by the high command. 

Effective: The dissidents objected to the high command’s delaying the election of party functionaries. 

Example 5
ineffective:  The coach’s encouragement  was influential to the team, for good performance. 
Effective:  The coach encouraged the team to perform well. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

GMAT sentence correction tip

In GMAT sentence correction, is wordiness better than ambiguity, or is it vice versa.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

GMAT math tip

What formula to use when you have to calculate the percentage increase between two numbers?

Monday, May 6, 2013

How to improve your GMAT score by 100 points - Part 1

Is there a short cut?. I get lots of queries -
" I want to improve my GMAT score by 100 points, I'm taking my exam in 2 weeks."

I'am sorry. If you are looking for a magic pill. I dont have a magic pill which can help you gain 100 points in 2-3 weeks.

If you have no other go and have only 2-3 weeks of preparation time left, then to gain 100+ pts, you need

1.to identify a category of question where you are consistently going wrong.
 say. "weakening the argument" type of question in CR. Study around 100 questions of the same category. Try decoding a generic strategy(a logical approach). This will help you to arrive at an answer using logic.

2. to manage your time effectively in the test. 
The adaptive test penalizes those who make mistakes early in the test( 1st question to the 15th  question) more than those who make mistakes later in the test. So that means you need to devote maximum time to the first few questions and minimum time to the later.

3. to get proper sleep the previous day of the test. 
Adequate rest is required to calm a tensed brain.

4.to manage stress effectively.
 You got a tough question in the test. You have eliminated 3 options. You have two options left. You are not sure which one to mark. You make a guess. You mark one. The next question turns out to be a sitter. You have a weird feeling in your stomach. The previous question may be wrong.
Don't worry!. The adaptive test penalizes GMAT takers who make successive errors ( question 1-correct, question 2-wrong, question 3-wrong, question 4-correct, question 5- wrong) more than those who make stand-alone errors( question 1-correct, question 2-wrong, question 3-correct, question 4- wrong, question 5- correct).

I have seen a handful of cases where GMAT test takers have improved their score by 100+ points but then again they had a specific error which could be corrected.

If you have no idea what is wrong with your performance then I would suggest that you mail me your queries and together we may be able to spot your Achilles heel.

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