Sunday, April 1, 2012

Come April- Its time to prepare for GMAT

‘April is the cruelest month’, said 20th C poet par excellence, TS Elliot in his acclaimed poem ‘ The Waste Land’. I am sure some of you in the corporate world would agree with Elliot. What with appraisals ending there without apt raises! This in at least some cases would be unjustified, you could not meet the targets since the team was weak, funds and resources were limited, the target was unrealistic, the list can be made endless, if we wish to.
Don’t you, at least some of you find the ‘un-raise’( can we coin a new word?) unjustified? Or that you got a raise in pay and perks, but the moving up the ladder seem elusive?
Why don’t you think, one of the ways is to upgrade your education?

A business course for instance- MBA, PGPX, PGPMAX, MDP – eMBA, they come in all shapes and sizes.
Consider April as the new year( any ways it is, in biz jargon).. plan to apply for an MBA or executive program from prestigious colleges- IIMs, ISB Hyderabad, US, UK, Singapore.. start preparing for the GMAT, take the GMAT 3-4 months from in a program this year itself

Is this unrealistic target? Nay… then let’s GMAT…

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