Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Choose your B.school

MBA from where

In the league of extraordinary young men.

There are many tangible and intangible rewards that comes with being part of a top B school class batch. Almost all aspirants to these classrooms yearn both for the recognition that comes with the prestigious course as well as for the status attached to being able to network with an intellectually stimulating batch, which in turn will form potential business partners, future clients, contacts points across sectors, mentors( you see they come with specialized knowledge in chosen domains), friends for life; you can turn them for consultation during a crisis, you can observe their career paths and decisions and learn a lesson or two; they can be a frame of reference to your career growth… benefits are numerous

Recruiters often attach and attribute a certain set of competencies and personality traits to those who pass out of reputed business schools. effective communication, decision making and critical thinking skills, initiative, confidence and willingness to take risks.
Vertical and lateral mobility
No doubt it is easier for MBAs to move up the corporate ladder or to change sectors for they are powered by a set of transferable general competencies that constitute a genre of functions across business fields.
Choose a reputed college for your MBA; not to settles for less.

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