Sunday, February 6, 2011

a case for entry into the prestigious Harvard MBA program

Global recession has given out one signal. Unpragmatic, one-sided wealth creation will not work.The attention to sustainable development is back in the reckoning – both in the developed and in the developing economies.

Given this scenario, educational institutions have a transformational role to play, especially business schools. For a long time, business schools were
churning out business leaders for corporate roles( barring a few). This is all the more evident among top Indian B schools. American colleges, fairly
successfully, moulded young minds for a variety of social, developmental and political roles.

If fortune lies at the bottom of the pyramid( coined by the late CK prahlad), aspirants to top B schools, Harvard, Stanford, Kellog, aspirants to these
prestigious institutes should better build their profile around one of the developmental aspects of interest by participating in
  • sustainable livelihood projects
  • inclusive education
  • improving access for the common man
  • healthcare
  • localized solutions to community problems
  • participative and collaborative programs of govt and NGOs.
In all if you are applying to top colleges, gain advantage by initiating yourself, while in college itself, to such projects. You can do your bit, in a small way;for starter s that is .

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