Saturday, December 18, 2010

Get ready for a PGPX

The first few years of our career doesn’t leave you with much time for other pursuits. It is amidst this madness that you are thinking of taking a break for education. Here comes then the need for certain preparations before embarking on a business course.

Firstly, if you are going for a residential program, you must not take a headful of family issues to the campus. Do the necessary arrangements well in advance to ensure that your family can do without you for the one year duration ( some B schools allow family to accompany the candidate to campus during the course)

Secondly, catch up with academics. It may be a good 4 years that you left regular study. Now that you have chosen to pursue executive MBA from a top ranked college, you have to catch up on your quantitative and verbal skills. This is because entry to top PGPX programs requires GMAT/CAT scores. Besides excellent business English, critical thinking and quantitative aptitude are integral to B school rigor too.
Find a trainer who can prepare you both for the GMAT and CAT as well as for the business school rigor. Handholding by an experienced trainer can help ease the experience of getting back to learning

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