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10 minute test with G 26.9.2015

An interesting 10 minute speed test- Try it out...... answers by Thursday....

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Data sufficiency - factors

Data sufficiency

If N = 3x x 5y, where x and y are positive integers, and N has 12 positive factors, what is the value of N?
(1) 9 is NOT a factor of N
(2) 125 is a factor of N

The number of factors  is given by formula (x+1)(y+1) where x,y are the powers of the prime numbers after prime factorization.

12 = (x+1)(y+1)
The product of (6,2) (4,3) give 12.

Hence the pair combinations of x and y can be (5,1)(11,0),(3,2) { x =5 and y=1 or x=1 and y=5)

Hence N = 3x 5y

As per statement 1. If 9 is not a factor of N. It means the values of x and y should be (1,5) 

As per statement 2. if 125 is a factor of N, it means the values of x and y can be any combination.

Hence A

GMAT sentence correction... The rule pertaining to none , all, most

All, most, none can be singular or plural depending on the countability of the nouns that follow.
They are singular when followed by non- countable nouns.
They are plural when followed by countable nouns.

Countable nouns
None of the invites have come.
None of the equipment has been shifted
None of our resources go to our consultants.
None of my friends have been eating food.

Non-Countable nouns
None of the money is spent

Friday, September 11, 2015

GMAT reading comprehension? Just do it

Keep your fears away
One fear most test takers feel is ‘ what if the passages are totally unfamiliar’. This is highly unlikely if you have spent a good amount of time reading quality passages and have taken good number of comprehension tests.

Imagine yourself succeeding
Be optimistic about your preparation and success in the GRE test.  Start your preparation early so that you do not take the test till you are ready.

For god’s sake do not procrastinate
The day you wake up to think, oh I have plenty of time left for prep, you are on the road to procrastination. You have semester work, events to participate in, personal issues; none of these should come in the way of your reaching your goal.

All strategies need not work for you
We all vary in our styles of learning. Some of us would require longer preparation time, others less. It’s more rewarding to compare our performance today with our own past performance than with that of others.

Do not expect overnight results
Efficient reading involves building an array of skills. It takes time. Perseverance is the key. Lot of hard work is required to excel, give up not.

Do research, learn those tiny tips from friends who are preparing for verbal tests, what worked for them, what did not, they are invaluable sources of test info.

Meditate; with your learning your own reflections and insights can throw up new ideas that work best for you.

Do not panic; 
instead make a panic plan. Put together a remedial plan with the help of a mentor- a senior or trainer; there is always a way out.

Invest intelligently in buying good reading material: 
books, CDs, general reading material. And invest time wisely.

Selfishness is a virtue 
If Ayn Rand did feel that way, so can you. Do not spare your reading time playing agony aunt/uncle for those hapless souls; nevertheless when you need reassurance ask and get! Howzzat.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ten ways to score poorly in the GMAT

Ten ways to score poorly in GMAT! If you are rich enough for retakes, that is

1. I know math, so no need to go thru the same old arithmetic, algebra, geometry stuff
2.  Tones of free downloads on your pc..what is relevant, what is not, even God may not know..
3. Just official guide, what else, nothing official about it…
4. I will join for the costliest, longest duration course in town…let them get me the score, no need to  study at  home..
5. I wont do the essays while practicing, only math and verbal mock exams  will do
6. I speak and write good English, so verbal is going to be a cake walk, no less
7.  I need just one month for preparation, after all I had high grades in college.
8.  Do as many tests as possible, in fact 90 percent of my preparation time should be spent on tests. concepts? What concepts?
9. My friend said GMAT was easy for him, no tough qns ( hey, what was your friend’s score?)
10. Out of five tests  I  did, one test I scores above 650. So I will give the test as planned.  I believe in luck!

PS Good luck