Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ten ways to score poorly in GMAT

Ten ways to score poorly in GMAT! If you are rich enough for retakes, that is

1. I know math, so no need to go thru the same old arithmetic, algebra, geometry stuff

2.  Tones of free downloads on your pc..what is relevant, what is not, even God may not know..

3. Just official guide, what else, nothing official about it…

4. I will join for the costliest, longest duration course in town…let them get me the score, no need to  study at  home..

5. I wont do the essays while practicing, only math and verbal mock exams  will do

6. I speak and write good English, so verbal is going to be a cake walk, no less

7.  I need just one month for preparation, after all I had high grades in college.

8.  Do as many tests as possible, in fact 90 percent of my preparation time should be spent on tests. concepts? What concepts?

9. My friend said GMAT was easy for him, no tough qns ( hey, what was your friend’s score?)

10. Out of five tests  I  did, one test I scores above 650. So I will give the test as planned.  I believe in luck!

PS Good luck