Friday, May 10, 2013

GMAT sentence correction Tip of the day

Sentence correction tip  – 10 ‘not-so-obvious’ usages
1. use a verb, not its noun form
An action expressed in the verb form is more effective than the noun form; a noun form creates wordy prepositional phrases.
Action verb- decide
Noun form of the verb - decision 
Example 1
Ineffective: Her decision was to invite her colleagues to the dinner that is being hosted by her.
Effective: She decided to invite her colleagues to the dinner party she  is hosting. 

Here, decided, a ‘working/action verb’ is more effective than the noun form, ‘decision’

Example 2
Ineffective:  In the current fiscal year, both target of its production was reached by the factory and the amount of effluents was reduced. 

Effective: In the current fiscal year, the factory both reached production target and reduced the amount of effluents.

Example 3
Ineffective: The Indian government demanded the withdrawal of security forces by China from the border and that the bunkers put up within Indian territory be removed.  

Effective: The Indian government demanded that China withdraw its forces from the border and remove the bunkers put up within the Indian territory.

Example 4
Ineffective: The dissidents’ objection was against the delaying of election of party functionaries by the high command. 

Effective: The dissidents objected to the high command’s delaying the election of party functionaries. 

Example 5
ineffective:  The coach’s encouragement  was influential to the team, for good performance. 
Effective:  The coach encouraged the team to perform well. 

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