Friday, October 21, 2011

GMAT CR tips

be aware of the most common ways in which reasoning can go wrong. this will help spot them in CR arguments as well as
guard against these errors in your essay writing.
some of those ways are
- confusing cause and effect
- using unpresentative statistics
- employing faulty analogy
- drawing hasty generalisation
more of these you may get at our website-

GMAT sentence correction tips

GMAT sentence correction tip

check each sentence for semantics( meaning conveyed) and syntax( the grammatical structure and conformity).
syntax is altered to convey the meaning aptly, not the other way around.

in addition to these two, terseness is important- being economical with words
caution: if being terse, ie reducing words, lead to ambiguity, length is welcome.
here are two eg.

eg. 1.
ambiguous: Piaget noted that in children a repertoire of skills is acquired during preschool period and need further
strengthening through organized learning experienced at school.

what needs strengthening is ambiguous, so we need to repeat some words

Piaget noted that in children a repertoire of skills is acquired during preschool period and these skills need further
strengthening through organized learning experienced at school.

eg 2- a wordy sentence
The houses were mostly well built in construction, but the interior furnishing within the house left much
to be desired.
the houses were mostly well- built, but the interiors left much to be desired.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Road map to worlds top universities

Topics covered
1.Deadlines of top colleges
2.Study options abroad- countrywise breakup
3.MBA options for fresher's
4.How to finance your studies abroad?
5.Indian banks scenario
6.Admission process for MS
7.Approx costing info to do MS abroad
8.Finance certificates
9.Funding options
10.Scholarship options for indian students
11.Contact our resource personal

For more info email to

Watch the presentation

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

US and European grad schools- Admission services workshop

semantics invites you to 
“Roadmap to the world’s best Universities & colleges- Admission services workshop”
Date: Oct 15th Time: 5:00pm
Venue: Semantics,#34 Jumbulingam St, Nungambakkam,Chennai -34, off Valuvarkottam high road, opp
canara bank, Nungambakkam. Ph: 044-42068494

To register: sms name and email id to 9884123808 or 044-42068494

Workshop includes:
Special session on: 
•Navigating complicated admission procedures of the Top 100 universities of the world
•Guidance on SOP’s, Recommendation letters
•Visa counselling and more

Special offers on admission services packages

Profile of the speaker
Admission counselor for various organisations including Career Plan and IMS. Has excellent track record of placements in the most reputed institutions in US, UK and Singapore. A PhD in English, Dr. Banerjee brings rich experience in teaching and administration at US universities and colleges in UK in order to help her students plan their careers. She uses her skills as a published writer to help her students present their profile and their strengths. She has taught in various international classrooms and in e-learning environments and this varied experience underpins her work as a global education expert. 
Dr.Debjani heads the Admission Assistance Cell (AAC) at Semantics.

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