Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Road to Harvard: Harvard 2+2 program for college students.

Harvard has launched a program for students who will complete their under graduate course in 2012.
So if you have it in you, here is some information to feed on.

What is the Harvard 2+2 program?
Harvard gives a confirmed seat in their MBA Program while you are still in the Pre-final year of your undergraduate degree. After you finish your degree, you will have to work for 2 years. The faculty at Harvard will assist you and introduce you to a wide network of recruiting partners. After two years you will undergo a two year full time MBA program from Harvard.

Who is eligible?
You should have at-least one remaining semester after June 2011 to apply for the program.

When should you apply?
Applications should be submitted by October 1st 2011(round 1), January 2012(round 2), and March 2012 (round 3). However it is better to submit the application by Oct 1st 2011 as HBS processes the applications on a roll on basis.

How many seats are available and what is the student profile?
Last year Harvard took 115 students. This year the intake can be more. The 2+2 Program is primarily targeted towards students who are not already on a business track. Apart from commerce and BBA students; engineering, liberal arts or sciences students also have a good chance of securing a seat.

What is the admission criteria?
You need to have:
• A strong academic background
• A variety of skills and accomplishments
• A GMAT score of 740+
• Should have demonstrated leadership skills

What do you mean by leadership skills?
Harvard recognizes leadership that may be expressed in various forms; from college extracurricular activities to academic or business achievements, from personal accomplishments to community commitments.
Harvard also appreciates display of leadership skills in organizing a classroom training program to directing a combat squad, from running an independent business to spearheading initiatives at work.

Do you get scholarship or any other financial aid?
Yes, approximately 75% of Harvard Business School students receive some form of financial assistance. Visit the Harvard 2+2 website to get more details on loan options and the fees.

How can SEMANTICS help you?
If you are a student based in Chennai or close to Chennai, then you can get mentored and trained by us. We will partner with you in:
1. Profile building 2.GMAT preparation 3. SOP evaluation.

We will analyze you with an HR test, align your interests with accomplishments, counsel you on various internship options which will fortify your profile, mentor you while you are interning with a company, prepare you for GMAT and ensure that you get 740+ and finally help you with your SOP’s.
You need to be associated with us for a year to achieve this.
So get in touch with – or call 9884123808 (George IIM alumnus- HBS mentor)
Grab your seat, Grab your future.

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