Thursday, June 24, 2010

New feature in letsgmat

In lieu of the recent trends in GMAT.
"GMAT questions have become tougher".

I have decided to add study notes for those who are studying by themselves for GMAT.
On your left you will see a regular feature where i will post math,critical reasoning, sentence correction, data sufficiency questions with analysis and solutions.

Study these problems. The way the questions are analysed will be useful for you.
Generally in other sites you would have found questions, correct answer and and explanation.

Here I have gone one step further and I also have
  • broken down each problem into its bare necessities
  • written the logic behind each and every problem
  • further variations(if any) which can be added to the problem to make it more complex
and more insights into the problem. So go ahead and lap it up.  Questions will be updated every week. so keep visiting....

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