Tuesday, January 19, 2010

GMAT sentence correction error types

Re-write the following sentences correctly

Error type: Subject verb disagreement
1. When temperature increases, the ice caps melt and presumably, causes flood in summer.

Error type: Parallelism
2. The panel of contractual savings has suggested three major recommendations, namely, benchmarking of small savings against government securities, retain tax sops only on savings with maturities in excess of six years and transferring of the entire proceeds of small savings collections to states.

Error type: idiomatic construction
3. Some of’ the biographers of Leonardo have actually expressed regret that such a man, endowed by divine artistic genius would waste precious years of his life on such a lowly pursuit like engineering.

Error type: Misplaced modifier
4. Instituted by the law council, three years to a review of the legal profession was devoted by the task force.

Error type: Tense consistency

5. Debono’s recent research on cognitive processes had revealed that managers used intuition in distinct ways.

Error type: Countable, non countable noun use
6. During the economic recession, the wages of much unskilled workers were so less that many of them lived in abject poverty.

Error type: Pronoun and noun agreement
7. Almost a century ago biologists found that if it separated an animal embryo into two parts at an early stage, they would survive and develop as two normal embryos.

Error type: Illogical comparison
8. Unlike Singapore, the roads in Hong Kong are asphalted twice a year when the monsoon comes to an end.

Error type: Adjective adverb use
9. This perfect sound method to portray the text as it originally stood, is quite imaginative and with creativity than the new interpretation.

Error type: Faulty Diction
10. A policy outlook on the status of children in a country is essential but not quiet well enough condition to make a difference to the future of a generation.

There are 15 more error. In total there are 25 error types often tested in the GMAT. To know more information click http://www.semanticslearning.com/gmat-usage.asp

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  1. During the economic recession, the wages of much unskilled workers were so less that many of them lived in abject poverty. sentence check

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