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GMAT sentence correction

The GMAT verbal section is the toughest section in the test. For this the section that appears after two long sections of writing and math. It induces undue strain on the test taker. Besides this section is concept intensive unlike any other aptitude test.

Besides, each question type is long sentence or paragraph based requiring extensive reading of verbal information.

The sentence correction questions (14/15) of them tests correctness and effectiveness of expression. You have to choose the option that conforms to standard written English; you have to pay attention to grammar, syntactical constructions, diction, clarity and semantic conformity.
Listed below are those concepts that you should learn for excellence in the sentence correction question.


1. Subject Verb disagreement
2. Parallel structure
3. Idiomatic constructions
4. Misplaced Modifier
5. Tense consistency
6. Countable, non-countable nouns
7. Pronoun-noun agreement
These are just 7 of the 25 errors tested in GMAT.

Read more about the errors at

Misplaced Modifier: example

“Annoyed by the corporation’s apathetic attitude, it was decided by the residents to install an incinerator for garbage disposal.”

Here “Annoyed by the corporation’s apathetic attitude”, should modify the residents, hence the correct construction is
“Annoyed by the corporation’s apathetic attitude, the residents decided to install an incinerator for garbage disposal.”

Ambiguous use of which/it: example

“The intake of analgesics causes irritation in the stomach which can be avoided if it is taken in capsule form”

Here which and it are unclear are ambiguous. Which can wrongly refer to stomach, analgesics or irritation.
The unambiguous construction is
“The irritation caused in the stomach by the intake of analgesics can be avoided if the analgesic is taken in capsule form.”

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