Saturday, October 3, 2009

US Visa - Non imigrant visa simplified

The application and interview process for non immigrant visa to US is a simple procedure.
Follow this
1.Log on to www.(ur city name) – click visas to the US.
2.Find the nearest HDFC bank and get a DD for the visa fee and the courier fee
Log on to the website with the receipt
3.Click link to ‘how to apply’. Then ‘get the forms’. Fill the DS 156 and DS 157
4.Click link to ‘schedule an appointment’.
5.Click the link to VFS (this will direct you to VFS website)before going to this
site you should have all necessary info and the fee receipt with barcode stickers.
6.Schedule your appointment after 48 hrs
7.At the VFS site click ‘apply for nonimmigrant visa’; go through every page
carefully filling in all information.
8.Your appointment letter is sent to your email address.
9.Printout your application and appointment letter. Carry these to the interview.
10.A successful visa interview would mean in three to four days you get your visa
in courier. You can check the status of your visa in the website.
Source: The Hindu

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