Saturday, September 5, 2009

monitor your thinking, become better thinkers to crack GMAT

There is a considerable volume of research on what distinguishes high achievers from the rest. One of those distinguishing factors is the ability to ‘monitor our own thinking’. We need to constantly regulate our own thinking- is my thinking in this context appropriate? Am I considering all possibilities? Why did I go wrong in the problem? What aspect of the problem have I ignored?
Why am I reading a passage very slow? How do I get over the blocks? What is the best method to succeed? These questions and many more… and doing the needful. THAT IS METACOGNITION, THINKING ABOUT THINKING.
All good thinkers possess meta-cognitive skills
A basic form of meta-cognition is study skills.
While preparing for an aptitude test, you must be more interested in HOW you are thinking than what problem you are thinking with.
That is how to

- Deconstruct the problem into smaller portions
-Set individual sub-goals and solve a problem
-Identify the relationship between parameters
-Convert the problem from verbal /numerical data to equation or diagram
--Assume value and verify whether the data satisfies the conditions or not
-Observe intricate pattern in the set of numbers given
- Summarize a passage
-Check the meaning of words in context of a passage
- draw inferences from a passage
And so on

When you do all these, you are not dependent on instructors, you are empowering yourself. Then learning can happen and LEARNING BECOMES FUN.

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