Friday, September 18, 2009

GMAT study plan to achieve 720+ in 30 days

A systematic study plan is a necessary first step toward a high score in a tough exam such as the GMAT , a broad based study plan incorporating “The Science of Thinking” approaches.
Modify and adapt it to suit your competency level. For instance, some of you might require a basic word building before you embark on the verbal preparation.
All the material suggested below requires an acrobat reader as well as the reader downloadable from
Registration is free. Download the reader and install it in your computer.
Take the GMAT diagnostic test at
Use the test feedback to gauge whether you need to begin at the elementary stage or at the concept stage.
Stage 1: elementary work(optional)
Math: objective -review all fundamental concepts
Material: Use workbooks – Geometry, algebra, arithmetic. Develop basic computation using Vedic math from Concept ebook. Write tables  from 1x1 to 25 x 25.Learn the squares, cubes, square roots of numbers from 1 to 25.
Download free math workbooks downloads.
The concept ebook can be downloaded at
Verbal: objective- learn  parts of speech, reading skills, idioms, basics of logics
Material: use workbooks- science of grammar, meaning, comprehension, reasoning, vocabulary and idiom lists;
Download free verbal workbooks downloads.
Read a wide variety of articles- science, economics, book reviews, philosophy, history( from publications)
For higher order GMAT- like passages
Visit times literary supplement……………………………..
Stage 2: concept building
Verbal ebook- Study grammar, critical reasoning approaches, Reading comprehension strategies
Browse through for more tips and strategies on critical reasoning
Browse through for more tips and strategies on sentence correction
Browse through for more tips and strategies on reading comprehension

Math ebook- algebra, arithmetic, geometry concepts. Review ScoT bytes an Quick bytes from the concept ebook. This can be used as GMAT flash cards
Download concept math ebook
Browse through  for more tips and strategies on problem solving
Browse through for more tips and strategies on data sufficiency
Browse through power writing strategies
Learn how to write essay using ebook
Submit analytical writing essays to us at
write essays ( 10 argument essays/ 10 issue essays)*seek guidance  from  online mentor
Take the practice tests at the end of the ebook
Stage 3: science of thinking strategies
Math:  Study modern math and science of thinking strategies from ebook volume on higher order solving
Practice ‘solution-free problem solving’ exercise.
Study CR strategies for 15 question types , Intricacies of abstract passages,25  errors in GMAT sentence correction from the following ebooks.
Stage 4.    
do CBTs

Work on official guide
-power prep test
Stage 5: revision and guidance
Review formulae, CR strategies, Sentence error areas, analyse tests, write timed essays
Seek guidance from
Email your doubts to for math,verbal,essay
Call +91-09884123808 / +91-044-42068494
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This is only suggestive and prescriptive. Since test aspirants vary in their needs and levels of preparation, each one should chart out intelligent plans to strengthen all areas of test.

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