Saturday, September 5, 2009

GMAT exam day

The D day
So you are ready for the GMAT, the first time!

1.Reach the test centre at least 45 min before the commencement of the test.
if you happen to be late more than 15 min to the test centre, bad luck, you lose out on the test and alas the money too, then rescheduling, the wait the delays…

2. carry a valid ID original identification document
With a photograph, your signature and proof of date of birth

3. no gadgets, test aids allowed inside the test hall

4. writing instruments to aid test taking will be provided to you

5. you are given a comfortable test station to take the test.
Take the test, valiantly
Keep watch of your time, because each section is separately timed…the system will show what time is left for the section.
Try and complete the section- even if guessing wildly, don’t you think that answering offers more probability of getting a correct answer than, un attempted questions?

Done the test?
You can get a score report comprising
Verbal, Math and total score plus the recipients as designated by us.
Not happy with the score? Feel you can score better?

This can be the next, if money test is not too much of a problem…but then, you need a minimum 30 days, with ample every time at your disposal. for a revision and some great notes….then better luck next time…
If you are not in this position best, prepare well the first time itself…good luck.

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